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What Does Abortion Have to Do with Protecting Americans from Coronavirus

“What does abortion have to do with protecting Americans from Coronavirus?” This was asked by a White House official when questioned about the abortion funding provisions in the Coronavirus economic stimulus bill. According to a White House correspondent, during the process for developing a Coronavirus economic stimulus plan House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lobbied to ensure

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Abortion Industry on Life-Support?

Is the abortion industry in America on life-support? According to a recent industry analysis the category of Family Planning and Abortion Clinics is thriving. Yet their primary source of income is from the underserved population via tax-payer funded Medicaid. Politicians increasing required health care and health insurance coverage for ‘Family Planning Services’ is one of

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Planned Parenthood Puts Politics Over Women’s Health

Recently the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, vowed $45 million in 2020 election campaign financing. Their goal is to defeat Donald Trump fearing the 1973 Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion is in danger of being overturned. Since Planned Parenthood’s longtime CEO and political activist Cecile Richards resigned amidst allegations of criminal activity the organization

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Pro-Life for the Right Reason?

Recently, Gallup released its longstanding annual report surveying America’s view on abortion. This poll revealed that Americans who believe abortion ought to be either illegal or restricted jumped seven percentage points, from 53% to 60%, in just one year. The movement of public opinion away from abortion is unique for its sheer magnitude. Solidifying this move toward a more pro-life populace is important for a future America where abortion is not only unwanted but where all children are wanted.