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Medical Ethicist Worries Rape Inflation Coming to Indiana

Last week Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill outlawing most abortions. It goes into effect on September 15. Rev. Jim Harden, medical ethicist and CEO of firebombed pro-life medical office in Buffalo said, “Indiana’s abortion exceptions for rape and fetal anomalies are of serious concern.” The new law permits abortion in cases of rape

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Arsonist Arrested Within Four Days of Attack on Michigan in Planned Parenthood—No Arrests Made after 58 Days in 45 Attacks on Pro-life Pregnancy Centers

On August 31st, fires were lit at a Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, MI. Fires were ignited on the roof using a Duraflame log. Immediately following the attack on the Planned Parenthood, a multi-agency investigation ensued. Four days later, 25-year-old Joshua Brereton was arrested on charges of arson. According to a press release published by the

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Jewish Rabbis Sue Florida–Claim Abortion Bans Violate Their Religious Liberty

Monday August 1 multiple Jewish Rabbis filed suit against the State of Florida claiming legislation signed into law on July 1 by Gov. DeSantis, criminalizing the participation in abortion, violates their religious liberty. According the plaintiffs, the law can be construed as anyone who counsels a woman for an abortion is aiding and abetting a

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Firebombed Pregnancy Center Executive Forgives Arsonists—Federal Legislation Unveiled

CompassCare became the first firebombed pro-life medical office to rebuild and reopen—just 52 days after the arson attack. At a press conference on August 1st, the organization celebrated a grand reopening with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a ground breaking ceremony. The press conference included statements from Rev. Jim Harden forgiving Jane’s Revenge as well

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Press Conference Today at 11:30am: First Firebombed Pro-Life Medical Center Reopens Under Threat

On June 7th, CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo was the victim of a brutal arson attack, perpetrated by pro-abortion terrorist group, Jane’s Revenge. CompassCare reopened to serve patients the very next day in an undisclosed location. Now despite increased threats by pro-abortion terrorists and attacks by pro-abortion politicians, CompassCare became the first firebombed pro-life

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Biden Administration and Pro-abortion Politicians Admit to Dangers of Chemical Abortion

In response to a letter signed by 83 pro-abortion politicians, the Biden Administration expressed intentions to declare a limited public health emergency under the PREP Act because up to 26 states have or are considering outlawing the practice of abortion. The declaration of a public health emergency requires the presence of a disease or bioterrorist

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Are Pro-abortion Antics Distracting from Abortion Industry Sex Crime Cover-up?

The mainstream media and President Biden exploited the plight of a 10-year-old sex crime victim for their post-Roe abortion agenda, mourning the hardships faced by women, like this 10-year-old girl, now forced to travel across state lines to get an abortion. But then they suddenly stopped talking about it after an investigation was launched by

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83 Congressmen Attempt to Hold Health Care Hostage in the Name of Abortion

On July 8th, President Joe Biden signed an executive order, declaring that the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health ruling will “continue to have devastating implications…” even calling the situation a “health crisis.” Four days later, on July 12th, 83 pro-abortion congressmen sent an open letter to Biden and the Secretary of the Department

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Is it Possible that the Abortion Industry is Complicit in Covering up Sex Crimes?

An Indiana abortionist allegedly listed as a minor the 27-year-old rapist of a 10-year-old girl. The girl was impregnated and transported across state lines from Ohio to Indiana. CompassCare CEO, Rev. Jim Harden, expert in medical ethics and women’s reproductive health care, encouraged law enforcement and mainstream media to ask pertinent questions in order to

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Mainstream Media and Biden Administration Exploit 10-Year-Old Sex Crime Victim

In May of this year, Jane’s Revenge gave pro-life pregnancy centers an ultimatum: disband in 30 days or face the consequences. Now after over 70 attacks nationwide, rather than protect pro-life organizations and people under attack, pro-abortion politicians and main stream media outlets seem to have joined Jane’s Revenge rally cry.