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Not Politicians’ Job to Parse Personhood
Jan 30, 2024
Either we are all equally valuable without partiality, or equality is just a word the ruling elite use to manipulate the masses to gain more power — a sham!

FBI Targets Peaceful Catholics for Potential Terrorism
Jan 11, 2024
The position taken by the FBI is that being a traditional Catholic is a red flag for potential domestic terrorist activity.

Give Speaker a Chance
Jan 3, 2024
Give Johnson his chance. Others have been given much more time and done much less for our country.

Once Again, Democrat Justice is Not Just
Dec 27, 2023
Where is equal justice? Where is the common sense when a three-year-old peaceful incident draws more ire from the Justice Department than a recent riot that injured six police officers?

Investing In a Baby’s Life Never a Waste of Time
Dec 13, 2023
Many prenatal tests yield false positive results up to 50% of the time. And when it comes to test results for Down syndrome, 67% of mothers abort in the U.S.

Do Dems Have a Plan to Elect a Pro-Abortion President?
Dec 6, 2023
If the abortion amendment ploy worked in a generally anti-abortion state like Ohio, it’s a pretty good bet pro-abortion politicians in charge of the Democratic Party will continue relying on it for the presidential campaign.

Recalling Chris Slattery an Anti-Abortion Hero
Nov 30, 2023
For those who may not know his name, he fought for the one truth that protects the dignity of all, that we are made in the image of God and are therefore equally valuable without partiality.

Don’t Fall for the Hamas Hospital Lies
Nov 15, 2023
The problem in this war is not of Israel’s making. Those who sparked the flames of violence are the same ones perpetuating it, Hamas terrorists in control of Gaza. As long as this fanatical organization remains, violence in the Mideast will also.

@prolifeinformation: Jim Harden Speaks at Press Conference Highlighting Pregnancy Centers [March for Life] | 01/20/2024