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“I invite you to join me in supporting CompassCare…”

– Glenn Beck

Dear Friend of CompassCare,

Glenn Beck

These are perilous times. The most dangerous concept to a tyrant is that all people are equally valuable. Why? Because there is no greater power than choosing who lives and who dies. Pro-abortion politicians in charge of the Democratic party are hellbent to protect, promote, and pay for abortion not because they care about women or even abortion. No. They care about what abortion gives them…absolute power.  The pro-abortion politicians in charge of the Democratic party are treating pro-life CompassCare, literally firebombed by domestic terrorists, like second class citizens. These pro-abortion political elites are using our Justice system and FBI to attack and threaten with prison, pro-life people because they know they cannot win. They are scared of losing their power.

In times like these there are always a handful of people who refuse to shut up and sit down. They change the world. Bonhoeffer, King and today the names include Jim Harden and those at CompassCare who refuse to bow down.  They have been speaking the truth and helping women for over 40 years and they are not about to stop now just because they are firebombed by Jane’s Revenge, attacked by politicians, and censored by Google. This is about never denying eternal truths that as a nation we will once again find “self-evident”.

I invite you to join me in supporting CompassCare to protect pro-life pregnancy centers and save women and babies from abortion. You were born for times such as this. Together we can ensure that no matter the times, all babies will have the opportunity to simply live so they can do the things they were born to do.

Glenn Beck
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