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“We already have enough children.”

Camille came into CompassCare really hoping for a compassionate and nonjudgmental environment. She told her nurse she is married with three children but is seriously considering abortion because her husband is pressuring her to abort for “financial reasons.” Camille expressed regret when recounting that she had aborted two other times. She recalled that the last

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The Baby Was Still Alive!

Coralee discovered she was pregnant again. Shame overtook her. So she considered abortion and made an appointment with a local abortion clinic. Coralee felt rising anxiety as she walked into the clinic, still very conflicted by what she should do regarding her pregnancy. She was quickly escorted to a back room to consult with a

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Exposing the Darkness with Real Abortion News

If you were searching in the archives of CompassCare’s incorporation documents, you would find purpose statements. One statement reads: “To educate the… public concerning… abortion and… issues surrounding abortion.” This education presumes imparting knowledge but not opinion based on emotion or merely facts as observed by our senses. There is knowledge of this world theatre that is

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