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World’s Largest Abortion Business Admits to Racism

For years pro-life organizations accused the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, of racism. Efforts to unveil this bias show Planned Parenthood locating up to 86 percent of its abortion offices in or near minority neighborhoods. According to a recent article Blacks and Latinos comprise just 20% of the population yet the burden of 45%

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“That is just what I need!”

Through prayer, mentoring, and ethical medical care, the Church and CompassCare faithfully served Lily, helping reorient her to a proper relationship with her Creator and her preborn baby. Lily’s first interaction with CompassCare came through a virtual intake appointment, an innovation developed in response to patients’ increased health concerns over COVID-19.  Lily then scheduled an

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HHS Says Abortion is Not a Human Right

Under Obamacare the definition of sex discrimination changed to include abortion. So, if a medical provider refused to refer or provide abortion then that refusal could be interpreted as a civil rights violation–an act of sex discrimination. In effect, this regulation makes abortion a human right. New York’s 2019 Reproductive Health Act had the same

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Pro-Life for the Right Reason?

Recently, Gallup released its longstanding annual report surveying America’s view on abortion. This poll revealed that Americans who believe abortion ought to be either illegal or restricted jumped seven percentage points, from 53% to 60%, in just one year. The movement of public opinion away from abortion is unique for its sheer magnitude. Solidifying this move toward a more pro-life populace is important for a future America where abortion is not only unwanted but where all children are wanted.