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83 Congressmen Attempt to Hold Health Care Hostage in the Name of Abortion

On July 8th, President Joe Biden signed an executive order, declaring that the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health ruling will “continue to have devastating implications…” even calling the situation a “health crisis.” Four days later, on July 12th, 83 pro-abortion congressmen sent an open letter to Biden and the Secretary of the Department

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Rochester, NY Residents and Churches Ask, “Who Is a Person?”

 1000 Expected to Attend ‘Walk-for-Life’ Asking the Question: Who is a Person? Largest Annual Display of Ecumenical Church Solidarity Rochester, NY—1000 pro-life people from the Rochester area representing scores of churches from both Protestant and Catholic traditions are expected to converge on the Highland Bowl this Saturday May 4th at 9 A.M. to celebrate the

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Why Judge Korman’s Plan B Decision Is Wrong

Judge Edward Korman struck down a decision by Kathleen Sebelius to ban dispensing to minors over-the-counter “Emergency Contraception” known as Plan B. His decision is bad for for medicine, bad for women, and bad for parents. Plan B is made of a synthetic, non-biodegradable, steroid suspected of causing cancer in the smaller daily dose commonly

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