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More Violence Anticipated with One Year Anniversary of Abortion Ruling (RAN)

Saturday, June 24 was the anniversary of the overturning of federalized abortion with the Supreme Court ruling Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health. The decision and the unprecedented court security breach, leaking a full draft of that opinion, initiated an Antifa recruitment and direct-action crime spree targeting Christian pro-life entities like the firebombing of CompassCare’s medical

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5-Point Plan to Prosecute Corruption within Federal Law Enforcement

The following plan is prescribed by pro-life strategist, Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of firebombed CompassCare, to put an end to the corruption of federal law enforcement that is persecuting Christians. Because federal law enforcement is the purview of the Executive branch, any serious Presidential candidate must have a plan to address the deep-seated corruption. Summary

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How to Quell Criminal Behavior of Federal Law Enforcement

For Immediate Release: May 13, 2023 — On May 9, disturbing FOIA documents were published after being obtained by America First Legal from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The documents reveal that the DHS joined the FBI in a pattern of criminal behavior targeting pro-lifers—this time mothers. The training documents at the DHS consider

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