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Nova Wanted to Keep Her Baby Until…

“To see his dismay… made my heart drop.” Nova was excited to be pregnant, but the circumstances of her life caused her to doubt. The Church through CompassCare served her with ethical medical care and comprehensive community support, restoring her joy and saving her baby. Only on GivingTuesday, triple the life-saving impact of your donation,

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Abortion-Minded Woman Finds CompassCare | Life-Saving Services Expanding into NYC

Evelin is still in high school. One day, she started experiencing unusual symptoms. She quickly realized that she may be pregnant. Shocked and overwhelmed, Evelin’s mind raced about her unknown future. Like many women experiencing unplanned pregnancy, abortion loomed large in her mind. Evelin confided in her best friend, Sarah. Together, they researched available resources. Thankfully,

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“I Really Want to Keep My Baby…”

Marianna called CompassCare to schedule an appointment. Suspecting she may be pregnant, she wanted to confirm her pregnancy and confided that she needed a safe place to learn about her options. Her boyfriend was pressuring her to get an abortion she didn’t want. After arriving at CompassCare’s office and being greeted by the friendly patient receptionist,

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