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CompassCare Needs Prayer

CompassCare vs. Cuomo Lawsuit On June 5th, U.S. District Court Judge Thomas McAvoy ruled on the lawsuit CompassCare v Cuomo. The lawsuit challenges a new labor law forcing Christian organizations, including churches, to employ people who do not align with the organization’s beliefs and mission. We are currently considering our legal options, but our principles

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Mail Order Abortion?

Receiving chemical abortion by mail is on the rise. It involves taking two pills, one to end the life of the baby and one to expel the baby. Due to significant risks of complications the Federal Drug Administration requires the drugs be given in-person by the woman’s physician. Now some abortionists want to dispense the

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Planned Parenthood Accused of Paycheck Protection Fraud, CBS Reports

38 Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide received more that $80 million in the Federal Government Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). According to a CBS news report the Small Business Association (SBA) managing the program concluded Planned Parenthood affiliates should return the funds stating they are ‘ineligible for a PPP loan under the affiliation rules and size standards….”

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Court Upholds Abortion Funding Ban

By law Federal tax dollars are not supposed to fund abortion. Fifty years ago, grant monies for family planning were made available through Title X and paid out through Health and Human Services with the understanding that abortion is not family planning. Yet, many have been frustrated by the fact that the world’s largest abortion

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Abortion-free COVID Vaccine?

Recent reports reveal 115 COVID-19 vaccines under development. So far, sixteen of the COVID-19 vaccines are in clinical trials. Methods of vaccine production are varied and highly complex. However, development of a common type of vaccine requires two basic elements: 1) a genetically modified version of the virus that does not replicate itself and 2)

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