Rev. Harden’s Remarks at Pro-Life Caucus Press Conference

Remarks by Rev. Jim Harden Delivered at House Triangle on January 18, 2023:

My name is Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare, a New York-based network of pro-life medical offices firebombed by pro-abortion terrorists and targeted for discrimination by pro-abortion politicians.

All people are made in the image of God. Therefore, we are all inviolable, not to be violated, because we are invaluable, imbued with the dignity of creatures made just a little lower than God. Being “endowed by our Creator” is the only basis for a blind justice system, one based on a Constitutional Rule of Law protecting all and especially, the weak from the powerful.

A recent study shows that nearly 70% of women are coerced to abort their babies. That means that up to 700,000 abortions per year in America are either unethical or illegal.

Many of these abortions are to cover up a sex crime. And how do pro-abortion politicians respond to this reality? When a ten-year-old girl pregnant by a 27-year-old rapist was transported across state lines to get an abortion in Indiana in violation of the federal Mann Act, President Biden was outraged oddly at the lack of abortion access in Ohio to cover for the rapist. And what happened to Planned Parenthood after a whistleblower from Arizona revealed the systemic cover-up of sex crime against immigrant women? Is anything happening with those conspiring in the DOJ, pro-abortion politicians and pharmaceutical companies to engage in illicit chemical abortion drug trafficking in violation of the Comstock Act. And isn’t it curious that FBI agents were taken off sex crime investigations when no one is bothering to ask which abortion business was servicing Jeffery Epstein’s international sex crime syndicate in New York City?

The Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Women and Families Act as well as Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s Unborn Child Support Act provides a helpful protection to women and a needed rebuke to the Biden administration’s support of big abortion and sex abusers.

If Republican Presidential candidates like Donald Trump insist once again on distancing themselves from the abortion problem, they should at least talk about the systemic criminality of the abortion industry. Dobbs put abortion restrictions under the purview of the states. But protecting all people equally remains the purview of the federal government and the Commander and Chief. Any candidate unwilling to address this evil is unworthy of the office.

Help CompassCare expand to reach and serve even more women seriously considering abortion in NY and across the United States.

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