Mainstream Media and Biden Administration Exploit 10-Year-Old Sex Crime Victim


Police were notified by the Franklin County Children’s Service that a report had been made of a potential sex crime against 10-year old girl on June 20th. The original report to Children’s Services was made by her mother. Ten days later, the girl underwent a chemical abortion in Indianapolis.

Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare, expert in medical ethics and women’s reproductive health care, says media and law enforcement should have the following concerns:

  1. It is illegal for a medical provider to release confidential patient information to the public. How is it that we know: A) that this girl had an abortion, B) that it was performed in Indianapolis, and C) that it was a chemical abortion?
  2. It is mandatory that medical providers report child abuse. Did the abortionist in IN report the crime since it appears that the investigation is only happening in Ohio? It is possible that multiple crimes were perpetrated against the 10-year-old in Indiana.
  3. It is illegal to transport a woman across state lines to cover up a sex crime via abortion, according to the Mann Act. Who transported her since 10-year-old girls don’t have drivers’ licenses? Was the purpose of the abortion to cover up the sex crime?
  4. All medical procedures require informed consent by the patient. Minors are often considered emancipated in the area of reproductive health decision-making. Did this 10-year-old girl want an abortion? Forcing someone, even a minor, to get an abortion is abuse. Was this girl revictimized because of the emotions or political agendas of the bystanders? It is illegal for a medical provider to force a treatment option on someone against their will—it’s a violation of autonomy.
  5. If the girl did want an abortion, were the risks and side effects of chemical abortion communicated to her and, if so, did she understand them? Does a 10-year-old understand what sepsis or hemorrhaging is? Was she tested for Rh factor to protect her future childbearing ability?
  6. If Ohio had kept abortion legal, would the perpetrator have been caught and would Joe Biden have said anything?

Rev. Harden says, “This is not about abortion. This is about sex crimes and enforcing the law. Shame on the mainstream media and the Biden Administration’s myopic preoccupation with abortion which seems to be clouding their ability to enforce the law and protect young girls from being revictimized.”


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