“It’s a Life!”

After three years of prayerful preparations, CompassCare’s Brooklyn Medical office opened on January 8!

During the first week, thirteen women were served, including a woman whom we will call Lily. 

Lilly found TeleCare through CompassCare’s patient marketing channels. She used the online chat to connect with a CompassCare nurse in Rochester. It became apparent that Lily would need an in-person appointment which included an ultrasound scan to confirm pregnancy and how far along she is. Since Lilly lives near Brooklyn, her nurse offered her an appointment at the newly opened CompassCare office. Lily agreed to schedule the appointment.

It seemed that Lilly’s mind was torn between the “unknown” of continuing with her pregnancy and the “known” of having an abortion, attempting to return to her “normal life. But Lilly was beginning to realize that if she had an abortion or kept her baby, the little life inside of her had forever changed her own life. In her words, the decision to abort her baby would be difficult because, “It’s a life.” God was already clearly working on her heart. Her next step? Go to her in-person appointment at CompassCare.

Hours later, in the only pro-life medical office in Brooklyn, Lily confirmed; she was saving her baby’s life! During that appointment, Lily received medical care, ultrasound imaging, and heard the Gospel.

Lily left the appointment joyful about her decision to continue her pregnancy—she no longer felt that she needed to have an abortion. Her fear was transformed into confidence.

God opened the doors for CompassCare to reach Lily and many more women like her in New York City. 61% of all abortions in NY State, the abortion capital of the Nation, occur in NYC. Pray for God’s blessing on the new Brooklyn office and His favor as CompassCare continues to build the pro-life infrastructure to save more women and babies from abortion throughout NYC.

Disclaimer: Names and details of the patient and supporter are changed to protect confidentiality.

“Christianity Stands or Falls…” on Being Pro-Life

German pastor and humanitarian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, bravely spoke out against the Nazis. He once said, “Christianity stands or falls with its revolutionary protest against violence, arbitrariness, and…with its plea for the weak.”

Bonhoeffer believed standing with Christ meant standing with the oppressed. Was he right? While not explicitly mentioning abortion, God through scripture teaches the principle of protecting even the preborn boy and girl from harm. Read more.

You Are Forging a More
Pro-Life Nation

Through CompassCare, you are helping women at risk for abortion see pro-life education via television, radio, and online; providing pregnancy centers across the nation with strategies and materials to help save more women and more babies; leading the charge in protecing pro-life pregnancy centers from violence and censorship; rebuilding and expanding facilities; and making it possible for women seriously considering abortion to reach a pro-life nurse in 24 seconds rather than 24 hours through Telecare. Learn more.

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