Through CompassCare, You Are Forging a More Pro-Life Nation—2023 in Review

  • 2,192 women served in CompassCare’s NY medical offices and through TeleCare (2.1x increase over 2022!)
  • 110 Million+ pro-life education impressions via TV, radio, and online
  • 2 Million+ impressions served to women at-risk for abortion through TV, radio,  and online
  • 8,288+ women served, 2,312+ preborn babies saved, and 334+ women submitted their lives to Christ across CompassCare’s national network
  • 650 pregnancy centers nationally provided with strategy and materials to improve effectiveness
  • 135+ Walk for Life Events nationwide—NY, SC, CA, VA, etc. (45x increase over 2022!)
  • 16 countries served through TeleCare, reducing the time it takes for a woman to engage a pro-life nurse from 24 hours to 24 seconds
  • 5 lawsuits engaged to protect pro-life people and organizations from violence and censorship
  • 2 books published to help the Church deepen its pro-life convictions, including Are You Pro-Life for the Right Reasons?, a powerful, biblically-based resource for a seven-week Church small group study—a perfect opportunity to deepen your church’s pro-life principles ahead of the Walk for Life.