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After 18 Months, FBI Finally Calls Pro-abortion Antifa Attacks “Domestic Terrorism”

For Immediate Release: November 9, 2023 For the first time after 310 attacks on pro-life entities over 18 months, the FBI is finally calling the attacks “domestic terrorism.” When asked by Fox News reporter Alexander Hall about the status of investigations into the CompassCare firebombing in light of CompassCare’s recent FACE Act lawsuit, the FBI

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Pro-life Strategist Insists Pro-abortion Antifa is Hamas Terror in America

For Immediate Release: October 13, 2023 In the wake of the recent Hamas invasion of Israel, and the subsequent October 7 declaration of war, pro-life strategist and CEO of firebombed pro-life group observed that the middle eastern terrorist actions are more than similar to pro-abortion Antifa actions in the U.S. which target Christian pro-lifers. Rev.

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First Pro-life Group Does What DOJ Refuses—Sues Pro-abortion Extremists

For Immediate Release: October 10, 2023 On October 5, 2023, firebombed pro-life medical network CompassCare, filed a civil Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrance Act (FACE) complaint against pro-abortion extremists in U.S. District Court, Western District of New York—Judge Lawrence J. Vilardo presiding. The Chicago-based public interest law firm, Thomas More Society, is acting as

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