Affidavit-less and Frivolous Lawsuit Leveled Against Firebombed Pro-Life Group

For Immediate Release: December 20, 2023

On Monday, December 18, a pro-abortion vandal who pled guilty to vandalizing CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo, hit the organization again through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Hannah Kamke first punched CompassCare the evening of March 16, the day oral arguments were heard in U.S. District Court on the controversial chemical abortion case.

Her criminal act of vandalism is a violation of the federal law, Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE), a law which is being unequally enforced by the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division under the leadership of pro-abortion Assistant AG Kristen Clarke. This is according to members of the House Judiciary Committee on December 5 when questioning Clarke under oath. To take the heat off U.S. AG Clarke, three days later, on December 8, the DOJ indicted a woman for a FACE violation in Bowling Green, OH. The crime is virtually identical to Hannah Kamke’s, spray painting the word “LIARS” on a pro-life pregnancy center’s facility. Why is the DOJ refusing to indict Kamke?

Of the lawsuit, Medical Ethicist and CompassCare CEO Rev. Jim Harden says, “Kamke’s allegations are outlandish and totally outside CompassCare’s strict protocols and procedures. If they are so concerned about lying, I would call Kamke and her lawyers to sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury that her statements are true. The only reason lawyers would draft a 55-page lawsuit that reads like a ‘C-’ college Freshman/GPT essay is if they have been given assurances that the blue state in which they reside will not disbar them.” Rev. Harden continues, “People have a right to know who is funding Kamke’s high-dollar attorneys out of Davis Wright Tremaine, a New York City law firm. Is it a coincidence that this is happening months before the 2024 Presidential Election, in which abortion has been made the campaign cornerstone by Democrats?”

In what appears as a repeating pattern to Rev. Harden, every time abortion goes to the courts, pro-life pregnancy centers get attacked. This was the case the first time Kamke attacked CompassCare on March 16, and now that the Supreme Court agreed to hear the chemical abortion case as of December 13, she hits again, this time with a frivolous lawsuit on December 18. Interestingly, both the initial defacement of property (spray painting the word “LIARS”) and the lawsuit use the same Jane’s Revenge Marxist political rhetoric deployed to attack pro-life groups since the leak of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs. The accusation? That Christian pro-life pregnancy centers are “fake clinics,” “liars”, denying women “basic medical care” through fraudulent misinformation, and therefore need to be “shut down.” Even pro-abortion politicians and celebrities are brazen enough to illegally support Jane’s Revenge-like murder threats of pro-life people, like Sen. Hirano (D-HI) and Jane Fonda. Rev. Harden says, “If truth and the rule of law is so loved by pro-abortion legislators and lawyers, how can the provocation of violence against pro-life people go uninvestigated and uncensored?”

A recently published national report of pro-life pregnancy centers reveals that while they were fending off terror attacks in 2022 alone, they provided nearly one million people with $358M worth of free medical care and support in all 50 states. Rev. Harden quips, “Abortionists do nothing but abortion for a fee while Christian pro-life pregnancy centers to everything but abortion for free.” Rev. Harden says they are called liars because they provide informed consent detrimental to the billion-dollar abortion empire, telling women the hard truths revealed the world over in peer-reviewed medical literature that abortion comes with a 44% increased risk of breast cancer, a 52% increased risk of future preterm deliveries, and a 5-fold increased risk of suicide.

Given that the DOJ has successfully indicted only one Antifa attacker out of over 310 attacks, while paying for his private attorney’s fees and recommending to the federal judge a lighter sentence for a lighter crime, Rev. Harden has been concerned about a pattern of pro-abortion crime, collusion, and corruption from the streets to the courts. In January of this year, CompassCare felt compelled to launch its own private investigation into the pro-abortion Antifa attacks. At that time Rev. Harden predicted the attacks would continue because pro-abortion Antifa are emboldened by a lack of enforcement of the law fueled by “the political power struggle…[on] the lead up to the 2024 Presidential election.” And again, last August, Rev. Harden noted that pro-abortion Antifa would shift their attacks, “[Trading] firebombs for lawyers.” The current lawsuit against CompassCare is evidence of that shift, along with a similar politically motivated malpractice lawsuit filed by an abortion activist attorney against another pro-life medical office in Massachusetts.

Oddly, not only has the FBI slow-walked investigations into violence against pro-life groups, it appears they were instead investigating the pro-life pregnancy centers under a July 8, 2022 Executive Order from President Biden. Biden’s DOJ in charge of the FBI complied on July 12. Unjust FBI investigations into pro-life pregnancy centers were confirmed by 1050 pages of FBI whistleblower testimony on November 3.

It seems unlikely that lawyers in a malpractice suit against CompassCare would use the same language of domestic terrorists in a communique while representing a convicted criminal for defacing CompassCare’s property, while using that same language in so doing. But they are. It seems unlikely that pro-abortion state legislation in 6 blue states would use the same language as domestic terrorists. But they do. The DOJ’s pattern of refusal to indict domestic terrorists who attack pro-life entities while instead joining those attacks seems unlikely, but it is happening. Rev. Harden said, “I look forward to trying this case in the court of public opinion.” He wonders, “How could it be that Kamke’s attorneys are so politically pitch-perfect when it comes to the pro-abortion allegations leveled against pro-life pregnancy centers? It would appear as if pro-abortion politicians and attorneys are using attacks on pro-life groups in an effort to undermine the rule of law.”

Rev. Harden predicts that the legacy, left-leaning media will use this lawsuit against CompassCare as an opportunity to further vilify pro-life Christians saying, “I expect a very biased expose-like piece masquerading as journalism to be published within a few days, neglecting feedback from CompassCare. I predict politicians sympathetic with the murderous message of Antifa/Jane’s Revenge will use this as a character assassination platform to promote their pro-abortion propaganda and shut down all public pro-life activity.”

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