Scandalous 1000-Page Report Tags FBI as Possibly Complicit in Violence Against Pro-Life People and Organizations

Late in the evening of November 3, the House Judiciary Committee released a 1050-page report with whistleblower testimony alleging FBI corruption and politicization. The report notes the abdication of the FBI’s investigative responsibility, unequal enforcement of violent FACE Act violations perpetrated against pro-life groups, and the unjust use of the FACE Act to indict innocent and peaceful pro-life leaders. CEO of firebombed medical network in Buffalo, Rev. Jim Harden, has been embroiled in a battle with the FBI since August when he said the FBI was intentionally slow-walking justice. Rev. Harden commented on the report, saying, “This report seems to confirm what we have been suspecting all along: the Department of Justice and the FBI have been complicit in attacking the ideological enemies of the pro-abortion, political elite. When justice is no longer blind, it becomes injustice.”

The House Judiciary Committee promises further investigation into the potentially criminal conduct of the leadership of the FBI and assures protection for more whistleblowers to come forward. Should pro-life politicians gain majority control of the Senate and House on November 8, it will give their investigative actions legal teeth.

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