Federal Joint Intelligence Memo Warns Midterms May Yield More Pro-Abortion Violent Extremism

On Friday, October 29 a federal joint law enforcement memo including the FBI and Department of Homeland Security was leaked to members of the press. The memo warns of heightened domestic violent extremism around the midterm election. The bulletin is quoted as saying, “…levied violent threats targeting elected officials, individuals associated with abortion or LGBTQ+ issues, and facilities, locations, and organizations perceived as taking a stance on abortion or LGBTQ+ issues.”

Rev. Jim Harden, Pro-life strategist and CEO of firebombed Buffalo medical office weighs in. He worries that pro-abortion violent extremism mentioned by the joint law enforcement memo is worse than the virtually dormant federal law enforcement agencies are letting on. Not only have they failed to notify pro-life groups of the danger but they are likely failing to proactively thwart any attacks if past performance is any indicator.

Rev. Harden believes the current hostile atmosphere targeting peaceful pro-life people is not only being tolerated but promoted. This environment ripens the ostensibly forbidden fruit of violence against pro-life organizations, no matter the outcome of the election. If the election leans toward pro-life candidates, pro-abortion extremists will become more aggressive and may attempt to one-up their arson by fulfilling their death threats. On the other hand, if the election tips in favor of pro-abortion candidates, the recent collusion of government bad actors, big tech, and law enforcement persecuting all public pro-life activity will be shown as just the tip of the iceberg.

Rev. Harden said, “It seems to me the vast majority of the electorate do not favor the brutality and destruction used to silence their pro-life neighbors. That is not the America they remember or want for their children’s future. But it does seem odd that while pro-life organizations like CompassCare have been the target of so much violence that we had to hear about the increased threats via a memo never intended for us. The FBI has not called to warn us. If they really are trying to uncover the identity of these domestic terrorists, their lack of communication regarding the increased threats may appear like they are using pro-life people as bait to garner more evidence.”

Rev. Harden went on to say, “I believe pro-abortion politicians in control of the Democratic party are not as much afraid for the future of democracy in America as much as they are afraid that the results of November 8 will not bode well for their future exiled from politics, since that exile may be spent in prison for conspiring to deprive pro-life citizens of their rights.”

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