Abortion Industry Money Flows From NY to Pro-Life States in the Midwest

Rev. Jim Harden was on Thursday’s Gary Jeff Walker show on 700 WLW in Cincinnati. The host noted that both Ohio and Kentucky have been very pro-life states in the past, and yet Ohio recently passed pro-abortion legislation and Kentucky is considering similar measures. How is this anti-life push happening? Where is it coming from?

Rev. Harden says it’s coming from New York, the abortion capital of the world, and the billion dollar abortion industry based in the Empire State. Pro-abortion NY politicians are also pushing their ideology to other states.

On abortion laws: “A majority of Americans want 99% of abortions outlawed… If (pro-abortionists) are willing to kill a child, lying to the public is no big deal to them. (Lies such as) ‘If pro-life politicians have their way, then women’s health is at risk. Women are going to die.’ The abortion industry is going for legalized abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Yet, that is not what they’re communicating. They don’t want people (in pro-life states like Ohio) to know what they want. Because that is very unpopular.”

Rev. Harden and the show’s host talk about a variety of other topics in the news through a pro-life lens:

On the recent Dallas abortion case: “The ethical medical community has never considered abortion to be medical care.”

On transgender dysphoria and hormone therapy for children: “Abortion, and hormone therapy, in particular, violate the 3rd provision of the Nuremberg Code. Nobody’s talking about that.”

Listen to the whole 15 minute interview here.

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