Abortion & Breast Cancer Follow-Up

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Is there really a link between abortion and breast cancer?

Responding dismissively to studies correlating abortion with breast cancer, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists replied, “…women who have had an abortion or a miscarriage have the same risk of developing breast cancer … as women who have not.”

But merging miscarriage data with abortion data is bad science. Induced abortion and miscarriage are fundamentally different kinds of biological events. A miscarriage is a pregnancy that the body cannot naturally sustain. Often this means that the high quantities of pro-gestational hormones needed are not present to cause breast cell replication.

Conversely, induced abortion deals with a healthy pregnancy abruptly cut short. Healthy pregnancy comes with exponential increases in hormone levels triggering breast cell replication. Induced abortion leaves those new breast cells immature, or ‘undifferentiated,’ the kind of cells more susceptible to carcinogens.

Scores of peer-reviewed medical journal articles worldwide have found this link between abortion and breast cancer. 

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