Abortion & Breast Cancer

Radio Transcript

Bob is 60, lying in hospital bed, after having one cancerous lung removed. He smoked for 40 years.

Laura is 40; she too is lying in a hospital bed being treated for breast cancer.

Medical researchers find correlations between certain diseases and certain behaviors. Like smoking and lung cancer, are there studies that link breast cancer with certain behaviors?  

A 2014 meta-analysis reveals there is a behavior that dramatically increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer. This study and many more show a 44% relative risk increase of breast cancer after one abortion and a 76% risk increase after two or more!

If we are able to believe that smoking causes lung cancer, why is there such silence in the face of overwhelming scientific data demonstrating the link between breast cancer and abortion? Informed consent demands that a woman considering abortion be given all information about the risks and side-effects.

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