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Justice Ginsburg and Senator Schumer Team Up As SCOTUS Considers Abortion

  The Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Louisiana’s Unsafe Abortion Act. The law simply holds all abortionists to the same standard as other physicians providing in-office surgical procedures including having hospital admitting privileges to maintain continuity of patient care in case of an emergency. Justice Ginsburg and Senator Schumer appeared to tag-team to combat

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PA Federal Court Judge Ignores SCOTUS

Obamacare through its contraception mandate forced organizations and individuals to violate their religious convictions by funding abortion causing drugs and devices in their health insurance plans. The Supreme Court ruled this compulsion a violation of religious liberty and therefore unconstitutional. The Trump administration modified the healthcare rules to respect the beliefs of religious employers and

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The Cost of Abortion

  How much does abortion cost? Abortion ranges in price from $300 to $2,100. But what is the total PRICE of abortion? The Physical health of the woman is jeopardized – there’s an increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and breast cancer. Relationships suffer as a decision to abort impacts the father of the baby,

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