Choice Means She Can Say No


Jada bought three pregnancy tests from the dollar store and flew home, only to discover her fears were confirmed…she’s pregnant. Her entire life, she’s been told that she could do and be whatever she wanted but now all her plans are in jeopardy.

Jada’s conflicted. She knows it’s a baby but can’t imagine raising a child and going to school at the same time. What are her parents going to say? What will her boyfriend do?

Jada feels like abortion is her only choice. This is the sad situation for thousands of women.

Choice means one feels free to make a decision between two or more options. If a woman does not feel free to have her baby, then “choice” is actually coercion. CompassCare empowers women with true choice, giving women like Jada the ability to say “no” to abortion. 

You can help CompassCare erase the need for abortion for women like Jada by going to

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