Reasons Women Get Abortions


Addie insists, “My life is over if I have this baby.”
“I can’t bring a baby into this mess!” Chelsea contends.
Maggie despairs, “How can I face my family and church?”

When a woman considers abortion she often feels conflicted, confused by these three major tensions: 1) ending her child’s life versus ending her life as she planned it, 2) aborting her baby versus risking a low quality of life for the baby and 3) the guilt of ending her baby’s life versus the shame of her community knowing she’s pregnant.

CompassCare helps her cut through the emotional fog that these tensions create, to clearly see the choice in front of her. Most women who get an abortion, say they wish they were given more information and support.

You can help CompassCare dignify women and humanize preborn babies with the information and support they need by going to

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