A Change of Heart

Missy, an unmarried mother of one, recently found out she was pregnant again. Not sure what to think about it, she went to her boyfriend Chad, with the news of her pregnancy. Chad was shocked and insisted that Missy get an abortion as soon as possible. He felt that they were not in a good position financially to have another child. Missy loves Chad a great deal and felt that he was probably right so they scheduled an appointment at CompassCare to find out how she could obtain an abortion.

Resolved to terminate the pregnancy, Missy shared with her nurse all of the reasons why abortion was the best option. “We don’t have enough money, I don’t have a good job, and my mom would be upset about the fact that I got pregnant again.” Missy lives with her mom but hadn’t confided to her that she was pregnant. She hoped to get an abortion and avoid the whole conversation. But she also felt badly she hadn’t shared the news with her mom since she couldn’t discuss her decision with anyone but Chad.

Chad sat in the waiting room while Missy went back to an exam room with her CompassCare nurse.   After talking about her situation and decision, Missy agreed to STD testing and an ultrasound exam.  Chad was invited back to witness the ultrasound as well. Missy fought back tears when she saw her sweet nine week old baby, safely growing inside her womb. She gasped when she heard the gentle thump-thump of her baby’s heartbeat. Missy shook her head and said, “After hearing that, I just can’t do it. I have to continue the pregnancy.” Chad was angry and continued to insist that she get an abortion but Missy wouldn’t be swayed and Chad stormed out of the room.

Afterwards, her nurse offered a list of resources and scheduled a return appointment for the following week. Missy returned without Chad this time but did bring her mother. The two of them watched in wonder as Missy’s growing baby kicked and moved around on the monitor. “He’s excited that grandma is here today,” her mom joyfully exclaimed. After the exam, Missy’s nurse asked how she felt about what she saw. “I was scared before, but now I’m very excited!” was her joyous reply.

Missy hopes that things will work out with Chad but either way, she is convinced that life is the best option for her baby.   

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  1. Jim Moore Reply

    Director Jim’s article was filled with wisdom. Missy’s change of heart speaks so well of a woman’s heart. Keep up the good work CompassCare. May God continue to bless this wonderful medical service.

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