SCOTUS Picks Up Abortion Case Bigger Than Dobbs—Pro-Life Leader Warns of More Violence

For Immediate Release: December 13, 2023

The U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to hear the chemical abortion case coming from the U.S. 5th Circuit. A ruling on this case could have broader ramifications than even the Dobbs decision, overturning Roe v Wade, as it could cut abortion in half. These high-profile court cases have sparked violence against pro-life entities and organizations in the last 19 months. Further, the political stakes are high as this case could very well influence the outcome of the 2024 Presidential Election.

The U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Texas ordered the drug be taken off the market. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals moderated the lower court’s ruling allowing the drug to stay on the market but reinstating the safety protocols the Biden administration’s FDA removed.

Given the conservative leaning nature of SCOTUS regarding abortion, the fact that they agreed to hear the case signals that the Court has an appetite to embrace the lower court’s decision, essentially telling the FDA to go back and follow their own protocols for drug approval—which the FDA has not done in the case of mifepristone. The likely result is the drug will be taken off the market until such time as the drug can go through the appropriate safety and efficacy studies.

Should this happen the ramifications on the abortion industry would be severe. Given that over 60% of all abortions in America are chemical abortion, restricting mifepristone could cut abortion in half overnight, making this SCOTUS case more important than Dobbs.

There are concerns that there could be another Supreme Court leak. Given the investigation by the Marshal of the Court yielded no results as to the perpetrator of the breach and given the militancy of pro-abortion activism, it is possible another Court leak could happen. Rev. Jim Harden, CEO pro-life medical network in New York which was firebombed due in part to that initial Court leak of the Dobbs decision said, “If another leak occurs it should be expected 1-2 months before the ruling is announced. This ought to be of serious concern.” Rev. Harden continued, “Since the leak resulted in death threats, illegal protests and an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court justice in order to influence the court to change its ruling, it is our hope that the Supreme Court Justices are being protected by US Marshals 24/7 and the Court document security has been enhanced.”

Similarly, Rev. Harden is concerned about the pattern investigators uncovered of pro-abortion Antifa terror, targeting peaceful pro-life pregnancy centers. As was the case shortly after the illegal leak of the Dobbs draft in May of 2022 as well as 5th Circuit Oral arguments on March 15, pro-abortion Rev. Harden believes Antifa will use this national moment as a recruitment opportunity to attack pro-life organizations again.

Since January, Antifa has shifted away from physical violence to relying on their pro-abortion counter parts in politics to attack and vilify pro-life people and organizations. However, based on the 4th Generation Warfare tactics employed by pro-abortion Antifa domestic terrorists, this case will be used to stir up left wing disaffected groups (e.g. transgender, eco-terrorists, and pro-abortion extremists) for recruitment and deployment of protest and direct-action violence against pro-life targets.

The DOJ and FBI were likely tipped off late last week that SCOTUS would take this case as the DOJ is now posturing, claiming they will enforce the FACE Act against violence and threats of violence on pregnancy centers, despite having not done so even under pressure from the House and Senate Judiciary Committees investigating their politically motivated abdication. The DOJ and FBI still refuse to issue warnings to pro-life pregnancy centers and churches of the increased risk of attack.

Chemical abortion is dangerous. Rev. Harden says, “According to a recent study, 1 in 10 women who start the chemical abortion process end up in the emergency room often being told to lie to their doctor that they are miscarrying. Yet, the chemical abortion industry fraudulently touts that the drug is ‘safer than Tylenol.’ The drug causes hemorrhaging, sepsis, pelvic inflammatory disease, future ectopic pregnancies, and a 44% increased risk of breast cancer. This is why mifepristone has been dubbed ‘the chemical coat hanger.’” A decision on the case can come as early as June of 2024. Given the fact that the DNC is making abortion a central campaign issue, it could have dramatic effect not only on the Presidential Election but the balance of power in the House and Senate.

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