Star’s Story: TeleCare Victory

“I don’t think I can do this…” Star told her TeleCare Nurse.

Star came to a CompassCare TeleCare appointment, like women throughout NY, across the nation, and around the globe, considering abortion.

Star scheduled her virtual appointment with her Care Coordinator and, within minutes, was talking to a caring and compassionate Nurse.

During her appointment, Star’s demeanor changed as her eyes were opened to a reality she hadn’t yet fully considered: a life after having had her baby. In a similar way to how a woman’s heart can be turned to her baby through an ultrasound, Star said, almost as if to herself, “This is a fully formed baby…”

Thanks to the life-saving intervention of the Church through CompassCare, Star did not go on to have an abortion, but protected the life of her baby.

[Note: Names and details changed to protect patient confidentiality.]

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