Feds Recommend Light Sentence for Pro-abortion Domestic Terrorist and Pays for His Defense

For Immediate Release: December 6, 2023

On Friday, December 1, U.S. District Court Judge William Conley approved a plea deal for a pro-abortion domestic terrorist who pled guilty to firebombing a pro-life office in Madison, WI. 29-year-old Ph.D. biochemist, Hridindu Roychowdhury, entered a guilty plea for one count of damaging property with explosives. Sentencing is set for February 14, 2024. According to an affidavit filed after the arrest, the suspect was identified as one of three perpetrators based on DNA evidence found at the crime scene.

In response to Judge Conley’s approval of the plea deal, these are the questions Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of firebombed CompassCare, says need to be answered:

  • Given the litany of organized Antifa attacks on pro-lifers, why was Roychowdhury not tried for conspiracy and committing an act of domestic terror?
  • According to court records, there was DNA evidence of terrorist conspirators. What is the status of investigations on those terrorists? Are they the same firebombers that attacked CompassCare 30 days later as CompassCare’s private investigators suspect?
  • Why would the FBI insist the firebombing in Madison and the firebombing in Buffalo are unrelated when Antifa front Jane’s Revenge insists in their communiques that the firebombings are indeed linked?

According to ABC News, “…federal prosecutors agreed to recommend that Judge Conley reduce the sentence because [Roychowdhury] has accepted responsibility for the crime.” In a press release on the same day, the DOJ noted, “Roychowdhury faces a mandatory minimum penalty of five years in prison,” going on to point out that the Obama-appointed federal district judge, “will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.” Rev. Harden responded, “Admitting to a crime is not grounds for a lighter sentence.”

Further, according to his LinkedIn profile, Roychowdhury was a Ph.D. biochemist, pursuing a lucrative bioengineering career. Yet, his private defense attorney, Joseph Bugni at the Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, is subsidized by a grant from the federal judiciary designed to cover legal expenses for poor people.

Rev. Harden, notes the following questions remain strangely unanswered:

  • Why would a violent pro-abortion domestic terrorist be eligible for just five years when a peaceful 75-year-old pro-life woman is facing 11 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine for peacefully exercising her 1st Amendment rights?
  • How is a man with an expensive bioengineering Ph.D. and a lucrative career in bio-engineering—who can afford to avoid capture by purchasing a one-way ticket to Guatemala and pleads guilty to crimes that would otherwise be referred to as domestic terror—able to get his private attorney’s fees underwritten by a federal program for the indigent? Is the law firm intentionally misusing federal grant money?

After 19 months, this is the first federal conviction of any of the over 310 pro-abortion Antifa attacks on peaceful pro-life groups. Only recently has the FBI referred to these attacks as domestic terror. And yet, Roychowdhury is not facing a federal domestic terror charge despite U.S. Attorney O’Shea for the Western District of Wisconsin opining in a DOJ press release, “Arson and other acts of domestic terrorism are crimes that will be punished and have no place in a healthy democracy.” 

Rev. Harden says, “The only way it makes sense that violent, pro-abortion Antifa criminals are treated with kid gloves while the DOJ throws the book at peaceful pro-lifers is if there are Antifa sympathies in Biden’s DOJ and the judiciary. If this is the case, this conviction is being used as their cover to continue aiding and abetting pro-abortion domestic terror.”

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