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CompassCare Releases Description of Perpetrators, Implying FBI Involvement in Crime; Offers $5,000 Reward

On September 19th, CompassCare filed a special proceeding in the Supreme Court of New York in Erie County for the Amherst Police Department to return CompassCare’s private property, specifically security footage of the multiple perpetrators who firebombed CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo. When asked on September 20 by Epoch Times reporter, John Ransom, why

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FBI Whistleblower Claims Child Sex Abuse Investigations Deprioritized in Favor of False Domestic Violent Extremism Cases—FBI then Raids Non-Violent Pro-life Leader’s Home

In 2019, former Planned Parenthood executive, Mayra Rodriguez, in Arizona sued for wrongful termination after she blew the whistle on the abortion giant claiming systematic sex crime cover-ups. She told one reporter that “many illegal immigrant women who work in the fields are raped by their foremen and then taken to Planned Parenthood.” There they

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28 Congressmen Agree – Justice Department Fails to Provide Justice for Pro-Life Centers: Pregnancy Center CEO Says Jane’s Revenge is Democratic Party’s New KKK

On Tuesday September 20, Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey announced a new House bill entitled Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act 2022. It has twenty-eight sponsors and includes a partial chronological list of all pro-life pregnancy centers victimized by what appears to be a coordinated nationwide effort. If enacted, it would require the Department of

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Firebombed Pro-Life Medical Office Claims Bias: Offensive Town Attorney Comments Confirm?

CompassCare is a network of pro-life medical offices. Their Buffalo office was firebombed in a series of over 50 attacks on peaceful pro-life pregnancy centers by pro-abortion extremists like Jane’s Revenge on June 7. Recent FOIA request by CompassCare attorneys revealed the attack injured two firemen. Now, 107 days after the firebombing and despite the

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Firebombed Pro-life Medical Network Asks Judge to Order Police to Return Video

CompassCare’s pro-life medical office, in the first ring Buffalo suburb of Amherst, was firebombed 105 days ago on June 7. No public reports have been issued nor arrests made. On September 19, 2022, CompassCare filed a special proceeding in the Supreme Court of New York in Erie County for the Amherst Police Department to return

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Seventeen State Attorneys General Vow Anti-Trust Investigation for Google Censorship of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

On May 2, an illegal leak of the Supreme Court draft overturning the longstanding 1973 abortion ruling, Roe v Wade, sparked a crimewave against pro-life people and organizations. On May 8, a pro-life organization in Madison, WI was firebombed. Taking responsibility, the pro-abortion terror group Jane’s Revenge issued an ultimatum for pro-life pregnancy centers to

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Are Pro-Abortion Politicians Colluding with Big Tech to Deny Women Choice?

On August 23, Yelp published a notice explaining a new consumer warning recently placed on all pro-life pregnancy centers. Yelp’s explanation: “It’s well-reported that crisis pregnancy centers do not offer abortion services, and it’s been shown that many provide misleading information…” After pressure from federal legislators and NY Attorney General Letitia James, Google followed suit.

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Pro-Abortion Politicians Declare War on Christian, Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

In May of this year, Jane’s Revenge gave pro-life pregnancy centers an ultimatum: disband in 30 days or face the consequences. Now after over 70 attacks nationwide, rather than protect pro-life organizations and people under attack, pro-abortion politicians and main stream media outlets seem to have joined Jane’s Revenge rally cry.

Pro-Abortion Politicians Plan their Own Summer Rage—Pro-Abortion Terrorists Increase Threats

The pro-abortion terrorist group known as Jane’s Revenge has declared “open season” on pro-life pregnancy centers, increasing their threats on pro-life people and organizations. Meanwhile the mainstream media and pro-abortion politicians are engaging in their own open season against the same pro-life pregnancy centers. Letitia James, NY Attorney General, joined twenty-one other State Attorneys General

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Proliferation of Mass Shootings Related to Abortion?

The latest mass shooting in Suburban Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend brings the national toll of mass shootings so far this year to 309. CompassCare CEO, Rev. Jim Harden, insists that the root cause of the proliferation of this violence is the same reason abortion is promoted: the devaluation of human life. The

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