Pro-Abortion Politicians Declare War on Christian, Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

In May of this year, Jane’s Revenge gave pro-life pregnancy centers an ultimatum: disband in 30 days or face the consequences. Now after over 70 attacks nationwide, rather than protect pro-life organizations and people under attack, pro-abortion politicians and main stream media outlets seem to have joined Jane’s Revenge rally cry.

Both pro-abortion politicians and Jane’s Revenge share a common purpose: to terminate pro-life organizations. Jane’s Revenge seeks to destroy their property while pro-abortion politicians like New York Attorney General Letitia James aggressively seek to wipe pregnancy centers off Google maps. On June 28, James submitted an open letter to Google brazenly mischaracterizing pregnancy centers, demanding that they be removed from Google Maps because they do not provide abortion. Additionally, in a recent letter to Google, 21 U.S. Senators and Congressmen asked that search engine algorithms be modified in order to limit the ability of pro-life pregnancy centers to use common key words related to unplanned pregnancy like ‘abortion’ when marketing their services to women considering abortion. Yet pro-life pregnancy centers do offer information about abortion as well as services women need when considering abortion like free pregnancy diagnosis, options consultations, information on abortion risks and side-effects, and comprehensive community support. Curiously, despite not referring or providing abortion, pro-life medical centers like CompassCare carry 5-star Google ratings.

Google’s restriction of pregnancy centers’ use of abortion related key words when advertising in the unplanned pregnancy market space would be a violation of freedom of speech. And if the company applied this policy evenly throughout all advertisers would proliferate other irrational bans like barring Italian restaurants from advertising using the key word ‘food’ if they do not sell Chinese take-out. It would destroy the basis for Google advertising, losing billions. Rev. Jim Harden, CompassCare CEO says, “It appears that Letitia James and the other pro-abortion politicians believe that women are not intelligent enough to navigate Google and should only have one option; abortion. This unfounded vilification of Christian pro-life pregnancy centers under attack from domestic terrorists serves only to deepen the pro-abortion Kristallnacht.

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