Abortion Industry Engaged in Consumer Fraud

Chemical abortion now accounts for over half of all abortion in America. A study of women in Finland reveals chemical abortion is 400% more dangerous than surgical. Yet abortion businesses claim that “The Abortion Pill is Safer than Tylenol,” Is the abortion industry engaged in consumer fraud?

Pro-abortion politicians such as NY Attorney General, Letitia James, and mainstream media sources such as The New York Times, are scrambling to keep the risks hidden, insisting instead that pro-life pregnancy centers who are telling these truths to women are misleading them. CompassCare CEO, Jim Harden, states, “It appears that pro-abortion politicians don’t think women are smart enough to make their own decisions once they have all the facts. Pregnancy centers provide information not only about a woman’s specific condition, but also how abortion will impact that condition. That’s what the medical community calls ‘informed consent.’”

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