Firebombed Pro-life Medical Network Asks Judge to Order Police to Return Video

CompassCare’s pro-life medical office, in the first ring Buffalo suburb of Amherst, was firebombed 105 days ago on June 7. No public reports have been issued nor arrests made.

On September 19, 2022, CompassCare filed a special proceeding in the Supreme Court of New York in Erie County for the Amherst Police Department to return CompassCare’s private property. Due to the catastrophic damage of CompassCare’s facility, the organization was unable to make a copy of the extensive original video footage of the attack. CompassCare released the footage to the Amherst Police Department in good faith. CompassCare made several requests to view the footage. All were denied. CompassCare’s attorney then sent a letter demanding return of CompassCare’s private property by August 19. Amherst police failed to produce the footage. Wishing to avoid overly complicated and expensive litigation on a matter so simple and straightforward as returning a victim’s private property, CompassCare’s attorney reached out the Amherst Town Attorney, Stanley Sliwa. On September 15, Mr. Sliwa relayed the Amherst Police department’s obstinance.

Despite over 50 attacks and ongoing threats against peaceful pro-life pregnancy centers, pro-abortion politicians like the Biden Administration refuse to recognize the violence even at a recent United We Stand Summit intended to “counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety.” It does not appear that anyone from the pro-life community, targeted for serial violence, was even invited. Is it because pro-abortion politicians are themselves fomenting violence like the Senator Mazie Hirono encouraging a “literal call to arms” against pro-life people?

CompassCare CEO, Rev. Jim Harden said, “CompassCare has a right to pursue justice against the criminals that attacked us. To do that requires we have all the evidence to prosecute. The Amherst Police are withholding evidence, barring CompassCare and its attorneys from taking appropriate legal action that justice may be done and the violence can stop.” He went on to say, “If four days are enough for federal law enforcement to arrest a perpetrator of attempted arson against a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, 105 days ought to have been enough to locate arsonists causing a half-million dollars in damage to CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo.”

After so long without any prospect of arrests, what could be the reason why the Amherst Police Department should not, at a least, make a copy to provide the victims? Afterall, perhaps someone at CompassCare may be able to identify the attackers.

Rev. Harden went on to say, “Our patience with the Amherst Police and FBI to make an arrest is at an end.” For information regarding CompassCare’s request for a copy of its own video, contact the CompassCare Communications Department at 585-232-3894.

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