Biden and Harris Double Down on Abortion Ahead of Midterms

On October 4, at the Second Reproductive Health Task Force meeting was hosted at the White House. Both Vice President Harris and President Biden were present. They insisted they would enshrine abortion as a right through the legislature if they retained control of the House and Senate at the mid-term elections. Fueling their mid-term election aspirations, they infused baseless fear into their abortion legislative goal saying that the Dobbs case created a health crisis and that Republicans intend to outlaw contraception. But an odd twist in the promotion of abortion is being used. Introducing the concept of federal legislation protecting abortion, VP Harris invoked Christianity asserting that religious beliefs do not preclude abortion.

If pro-abortion politicians in charge of the Democrat party, such as Joe Biden, are doubling down on abortion ahead of the midterm elections, why then is it important for pro-abortion politicians such as CA Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Harris to normalize abortion as acceptable for Christians? Gov. Newsom launched a multi-state billboard campaign encouraging women in conservative states to travel to his state to get an abortion quoting Jesus, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Far from outlawing abortion, the Dobbs decision overturning Roe simply released the federal stranglehold on the abortion debate, returning the decision-making power to the people, most of whom hold to a Judeo-Christian ethic. Making abortion a right through a federal law certainly robs the people of the right to meaningful debate and self-governance. But also, making abortion a right through federal law would likely make public pro-life expression a violation of a woman’s civil right. This would include violating the religious liberty of pro-life pregnancy centers and physicians who refuse to perform or refer for abortion.

The single biggest reason why physicians and other pro-life people engage in public pro-life activity and object to participating in abortion emanates from their deeply held religious conviction that all people are made in the image of God and must be protected from fertilization to natural death, without qualification. So, it would make sense for pro-abortion politicians protecting the abortion industry to begin laying the political and legal groundwork to gut the First Amendment rights of pro-lifers by attempting to normalize abortion for Christians through the President’s bully pulpit and tax payer funded ad campaigns. If successful, the right to abortion would trump pro-life protection under the First Amendment’s religious liberty protections, eliminating any meaningful opposition to abortion in America. The Biden administration’s Justice Department’s recent abdication of duty to provide pro-life people with equal protection under the law when attacked by pro-abortion domestic extremists coupled with attacks by the FBI, politicians, and big tech, outlawing all pro-life public expression is key to their goal of total abortion deregulation.

Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare, knows what it is like to be attacked for being pro-life. He says, “The Christian belief that all people are made in the image of God is the only basis for human dignity and equality. Why is that belief so dangerous to pro-abortion politicians? Perhaps it is because once that belief seeps into the hearts and minds of the citizens, passing dehumanizing policies like abortion becomes impossible. Jesus showed us that ‘Love they neighbor as thyself” means sacrificing yourself for your neighbor. What Harris, Biden and Gov. Newsom don’t seem to understand is that abortion is sacrificing your neighbor for yourself.”

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