Pro-life Strategist Warns All Gains with SCOTUS Win Could be Lost with Mid-terms (RAN)

Pro-life strategist Rev. Jim Harden sounds alarm, warning all pro-life gains with reversal of Roe could be lost if pro-abortion politicians dominate mid-term elections.

New York has long been the nation’s bellwether when it comes to abortion. If New York’s special elections on primary day in the 19th Congressional district are any indicator of what can be expected in the mid-terms, talking about abortion appears to be a winning strategy.

Harden notes that if pro-abortion politicians pick up enough seats, Biden’s dream of cementing abortion as a right in federal law may come true.  Harden says, “The upshot is that pro-life candidates need to start talking about abortion—that it is the role of government to protect all citizens equally, especially the most vulnerable among us, preborn boys and girls.”

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