9-Point Protect Women and Children from Abortion Fraud and Injury Plan

Summary of Current Situation

Since the unprecedented and unethical leak of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade on May 2, 2022, the abortion industry has been protected, promoted, deregulated, and paid for by elected officials at the expense of women and children in crisis. Meanwhile, the abortion industry’s only competition, pro-life pregnancy centers, which provide ethical medical and community support at no cost to women in crisis, are attacked by domestic terrorists, threatened by pro-abortion politicians, censored by big tech, and targeted by the FBI through both abdication of duty to investigate violence against them coupled with gratuitous weaponization of legislation against them, including the abusive application of the FACE Act.

Activities of radical abortion extremist factions in the government, law enforcement, big Corp, and embedded terror networks are demonstrating extreme prejudice against pro-life beliefs and public activity to the detriment of women and children. The Biden administration pressured the FDA to relax restrictions on the dangerous chemical abortion drug by removing it from the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) list. Now peddlers of chemical abortion are engaging in consumer fraud against women in crisis claiming the drug claiming it is “Safer Than Tylenol.” Yet studies suggest a woman is 500% more likely to end up in the emergency room with complications due to chemical abortion than surgical for side effects like sepsis, hemorrhaging, ruptured undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, etc. Beyond that, the drugs are now being illegally mailed to women from foreign countries and across state lines as the Biden administration demands pharmacists dispense the medication in direct contravention of states’ rights to regulate the practice. Additionally, it appears that the abortion industry may be engaging in serial sex crime cover-ups and medical malpractice related to chemical abortion injury.

It is the government’s job to protect all citizens equally. It is not the government’s job to determine which groups or categories of people qualify for protection under the law. Absolute power is the ability to decide who lives and who dies. So, when government permits the dehumanization of one class of person in order to legalize the destruction of a person in that category, like preborn boys and girls via abortion, tyranny results, turning justice into rancid injustice. The only logical question after that is, “Who will government target next?” If all people are not protected equally then equality is just a word used by the political elite to manipulate the masses. The following is a legislative program designed to protect women and children from being abused and destroyed by a political elite using abortion as a path to absolute power.

Protect Women and Children from Abortion Fraud and Injury

  1. Repeal the FACE Act: Since the Supreme Court in Dobbs v Jackson did not find abortion as protected under the 14th amendment, the FACE Act is now moot. Further, it was originally designed and is currently being used to leverage federal law enforcement to target only pro-life activity, trampling the 1st amendment rights of pro-life people. After over 150 actual FACE Act violations against pro-life pregnancy centers, organizations, and churches there have been no arrests or SWAT-like raids on homes of pro-abortion extremists.
  2. Examine to Indict for Violations of USC 1983: Determine if the actions of government actors to conspire with other government actors, big tech, and pro-abortion extremists to defame, shut down, censor, threaten, or otherwise destroy the person or property of pro-life people and organizations represent a conspiracy to deprive pro-life citizens of freedom of speech (1st amendment), equal protection under the law (14th amendment), or any other civil right explicitly stated under the Constitution or implicit in the human condition (9th amendment).
  3. Serial Medical Malpractice: It is a denial of any patient’s autonomy for a medical practitioner to fail to diagnose a patient’s condition, prescribe treatment for an undiagnosed condition, withhold informed consent for the suggested treatment option, suggest or facilitate the illicit delivery of that treatment and then fail to provide continuity of care. The fast-emerging chemical abortion industry ought to be investigated for serial medical malpractice for unethical processes endangering a woman’s health for profit by masquerading as legitimate medical providers. It has also been observed that if complications to chemical abortion occur, women are being told to go to their local emergency department and tell them they are experiencing a miscarriage without mentioning the Misoprostol in the woman’s system.
  4. Investigate Chemical Abortion Consumer Fraud: The abortion industry has been emboldened by the federal government’s refusal to enforce laws regarding the sale and distribution of chemical abortions. This has emboldened consumer fraud to such an extent that some online businesses are brazen enough to peddle these dangerous drugs, hazardous enough to be listed on the FDA REMS list, touting them as “Safer than Tylenol.” Further, the illegal sale of these drugs to minors online and without parental consent should be investigated.
  5. Pressure Other States and Nations to Stop Illegal Sale and Shipment of Abortion Drugs: The extent of trafficking of controlled substances like Misoprostol internationally and across state lines ignoring both Federal and state law should be assessed, and a mitigation strategy developed and implemented.
  6. Abortion Industry Sex Crime Cover-up: Whistleblowers from the global abortion business Planned Parenthood have come forward with information demonstrating serial sex crime cover-ups for both victims of sex trafficking and sexual abuse of minors. A recent FBI whistleblower also noted de-prioritization of child sex abuse investigations in favor of “politically motivated cases fraudulently labeled ‘Domestic Violent Extremism’ in order to ‘fit a political narrative.’” A comprehensive, deidentified review of all minors provided with an abortion by all U.S. abortionists should be conducted, correlating age of the girl, state of residence, place of abortion, and whether the incident was reported to law enforcement per federal and state law. Since there is no statute of limitations on the prosecution of sex crimes, an assessment of sex crime cover-ups can be deduced and criminal prosecution pursued affording women the full protection of the law.
  7. Recognize the Personhood of All Humans Without Qualification as Protected by Law: Science and the study of human biology reveals that every human has unique DNA that manages their maturation from fertilization to natural death. Further, denying the constitutional personhood status of preborn boys and girls to justify abortion using arbitrary standards such as “viability” only serve a political agenda rather than the human race. All humans need nutrition, hydration, and shelter to be viable, in the womb or out. All people are fully and equally human regardless of maturity, location, or ability. To disparage or infringe upon the life of another human historically has been the purview of power-drunk tyrants. Human value does not depend on government fiat but on endowment by our Creator. Because all people are made in the image of God, we are all equally valuable, without partiality or qualification. This truth is the only foundation for human dignity, equality, and an impartial justice system that the people can trust. Enact amendments or laws recognizing the personhood of all people without qualification as the only foundational rule of law for a civilized order that can span generations.
  8. Assess the Impact of Chemical Abortion on Waste Water Treatment and Clean Water: Chemical abortion now represents well over half of all abortions in America and is increasing dramatically. Chemical abortion is also dubbed self-managed abortion. This means that a woman’s bathroom and toilet become the place where the abortion takes place and the remains of the baby disposed. The impact of biohazardous human remains on clean water and wastewater treatment facilities should be studied. Payment for the studies should come from the abortion industry.
  9. Explore Big Corporation’s Violation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act: After the reversal of Roe, several large corporations determined to pay for abortion and abortion-related travel expenses for women employed by the corporation who happen to live in a state that restricts abortion. Given the disparity of costs inuring to the benefit of the company, paying for abortion and related travel expenses discriminates against pregnant women by morally entrapping women into taking the short-term money while the company does not have to pay the potentially tens of thousands during her maternity leave nor sustain productivity losses for her absence.

Next Actions
If you can connect us with people at both the Congressional Research Service and the American Legislative Exchange Council, we would be happy to pursue this 9-Point Plan to Protect Women and Children from Abortion Fraud and Injury. However, ultimately, we would like to get back to the mission of providing for the unmet health and resource needs of women and their babies.

Respectfully Submitted:

Rev. James R. Harden, M.Div.

CompassCare CEO


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