28 Congressmen Agree DOJ Fails to Provide Justice for Pro-life Pregnancy Centers (RAN)

On September 20, Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey, along with twenty-seven other members of Congress, announced a new House bill entitled Protect Pregnancy Care Centers Act 2022. The bill includes a list of all pro-life pregnancy centers victimized by what appears to be a coordinated nationwide effort. The act states in paragraph two, section three, “The Justice Department has abdicated its duty and failed to provide justice for victims of violence.”

Pro-abortion extremist group Jane’s Revenge took responsibility for dozens of attacks including the firebombing of pro-life medical office in Buffalo, CompassCare. CEO of CompassCare, Rev. Jim Harden, said, “The U.S. Justice Department under the Biden administration is robbing pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide of justice.” Harden went on to say, “I believe Jane’s Revenge is the new KKK and the new cross in the front yard is burning down pregnancy centers.”

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