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“I’m so glad I came here today. I feel completely different about everything.”

Clarise grew up in a deeply broken home, the eldest of five with a drug-addicted mom who had several abortions. After taking care of her siblings as a young teenager, Clarise determined that she would do everything in her power to avoid walking down her mother’s path. In her early twenties, Clarise got pregnant. Believing

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World’s Largest Abortion Business Admits to Racism

For years pro-life organizations accused the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, of racism. Efforts to unveil this bias show Planned Parenthood locating up to 86 percent of its abortion offices in or near minority neighborhoods. According to a recent article Blacks and Latinos comprise just 20% of the population yet the burden of 45%

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“That is just what I need!”

Through prayer, mentoring, and ethical medical care, the Church and CompassCare faithfully served Lily, helping reorient her to a proper relationship with her Creator and her preborn baby. Lily’s first interaction with CompassCare came through a virtual intake appointment, an innovation developed in response to patients’ increased health concerns over COVID-19.  Lily then scheduled an

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