Thankful for CompassCare—Jabra’s Story

CompassCare serves women at-risk for abortion. This is Jabra’s story…

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was very highly influenced to go to Planned Parenthood. So I swallowed a pill… and the idea of it was crazy. As soon as I left the office, you know, I was just like, ‘Jabra what did you do?’ So I got on the internet and I’m like… ‘Oh my God, is this real?’ A nurse from CompassCare called me and she was like, ‘It’s gonna be okay, we’ve got this. We’re good and the baby’s good. Don’t worry.’ To know that CompassCare can tell me something different and can reverse a medication like that? That’s amazing. And for them to just be like, ‘You know what, we’re gonna open up the office. I’m running down there now. I have a few nurses coming down here; we’re getting your medicine ready; we’re doing this.’ It’s just… it’s just amazing to know that somebody would go as hard as if it was their children. It was an amazing experience and I thank God for CompassCare.”

This Thanksgiving empower a woman with choice – the ability to say no to abortion and save her baby.  Go to

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