Unplanned Pregnancy and Christmas

She found out she was pregnant. It wasn’t planned. She was engaged. He was building his trade. What would her family say? Would they be shunned by their community? He wanted to break up with her…put her away because of the shame. But he was encouraged to stay, to support her. They had no health care, were not financially stable, and when the baby finally came they had no place to stay. Yet, the baby was born, became the greatest King there ever was or will be. He made a way for the world to be at peace with itself and with God…that baby’s name is Jesus.

Unplanned pregnancy can appear hopeless. From God’s view there is no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy…and where there is life there is hope. Merry Christmas!

This Christmas season, give hope to women facing unplanned pregnancy with a donation to CompassCare.  

Go to realabortionnews.com/donate.

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