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Planned Parenthood Attacked By One of Their Own

What should we think of the mass shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood office killing three injuring nine? After praying for the families of the victims we can’t help but reflect on the tragedy. Upon his arrest the shooter, Robert Dear, was reported to have said, “No more baby parts” likely referring to the

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“I’m keeping [my] baby. I’m not going to have an abortion.”

CompassCare is dedicated to continuously pressing towards greater effectiveness by constantly looking for ways to improve service outcomes. The medical team is modifying a few approaches and scripts to account for changing patient demographic. The following story is an example of how these improvements work out in the practical interactions with patients and save lives.

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Will Same-Sex “Marriage” Increase Abortion?

CompassCare is concerned about marriage. The Bible begins and ends with it. That is sermon enough. Historically, marriage is the first of all human institutions and of foremost importance to any thriving society. If CompassCare’s mission is to ‘erase the need for abortion,’ why does marriage matter? Because healthy societies, like electric lights, are only

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