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Planned Parenthood President Resigns – Criminal Investigation Looms

  The world’s leading abortion business, Planned Parenthood, announced that their president, Cecile Richards, is resigning. The monolithic non-profit gulps more than half a billion in Federal tax money annually. However, since 2015 they have been mired in the mud of scandal, after being caught illegally profiteering in aborted baby body parts. Richards has shared

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Gov. Cuomo Seeks to Mandate Free Abortion

  Why does Governor Cuomo’s bloated 168.2 Billion dollar budget proposal include seemingly unrelated pet projects? One such peripheral mandates all health insurance plans cover abortion and abortion-causing birth control. Supporting budgetary documentation stresses, “…the Governor has taken action…to cover contraceptive drugs and devices and…abortion services without co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles.” The documentation demonstrates his

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Is Breast Cancer Preventable?

  “…the breast cancer epidemic is due to preventable factors,” concludes a recent literature review. Two undisputed factors for preventing breast cancer are 1) a first full term pregnancy earlier in life and 2) increasing the duration of breast feeding. A third major factor for reducing a woman’s risk of breast cancer has emerged: Not

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