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Church Making Massive Pro-life Investment in Capital Region

Not a sane woman alive ‘wants’ to have an abortion. A woman has an abortion not because she feels free – it is precisely the opposite. A woman has an abortion because she feels alone and trapped. She believes she ‘needs’ to have an abortion. The Church in New York through CompassCare empowers women with

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The Church, Human Equality and Abortion

For the last 49 years, the Christian community has stood in harm’s way, stock still in the intersection of cultural traffic after government eliminated the stoplight of human equality by legalizing abortion. What is it about the Church’s belief that causes so many Christians to be willing to test the patience of their fellow citizens,

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Does the Bible Say When Human Life Begins?

I was asked this question just recently when a small group leader in an otherwise pro-life church stated that she thought abortion is not wrong according to the Bible. Her basic rationale for her position was that human life did not begin until a person took their first breath. She supported her theory with Genesis

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