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Update from CompassCare CEO on Abortion Terrorism Group Firebombing Buffalo Office

CompassCare Will Not Stop Serving Women and Saving Babies CompassCare is assessing the damage done to the medical office by the arson attack.  It will take months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair.  The intent of this attack was to stop CompassCare from helping women have their babies. It did not succeed. As we write

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Pro-Life for the Right Reason?

Recently, Gallup released its longstanding annual report surveying America’s view on abortion. This poll revealed that Americans who believe abortion ought to be either illegal or restricted jumped seven percentage points, from 53% to 60%, in just one year. The movement of public opinion away from abortion is unique for its sheer magnitude. Solidifying this move toward a more pro-life populace is important for a future America where abortion is not only unwanted but where all children are wanted.