Abortion Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Firebombing

Pictures of the damage left by Jane’s Revenge

Early May 8, emergency services responded to a fire in Madison Wisconsin at the office of a pro-life advocacy group. Arsonists firebombed the office. Graffiti left by the arsonists on the side of the building reads, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.” The abortion terrorist group “Jane’s Revenge” claims responsibility, demanding all pro-life pregnancy centers disband or they will repeat the attacks stating, “Wisconsin is the first flashpoint, but we are all over the US, and we will issue no further warning.” This comes amid fears that a pending Supreme Court ruling will reverse Roe v Wade. Abortion activists are now targeting CompassCare’s medical office in Buffalo. Police in the Buffalo and Rochester areas have issued special alerts.

Why, despite the threats and violence to peaceful pro-life groups, is Governor Hochul allocating thirty-five million dollars to protect abortionists?

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9 comments on “Abortion Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility for Firebombing”

  1. Marcy Waskow Reply

    This is infuriating ! An organization with the purpose of advocating murder threatening violence is not surprising at all. Praying for safety for everyone fighting to eliminate abortion and save lives. Also praying for our Supreme Court Justices. All of them. For wisdom, courage and discernment!

  2. Peggy boheen Reply

    Heartbreaking! How ironic, that the ones promoting death say the pro-life movement is dangerous. And they are the dangerous ones! Here’s proof!

  3. Kathleen Cosgrove Reply

    We already know who the Victor is . He has already won the battle.. They realize we are on the right side and are desperate because they know they’re losing the battle. We only need to remain faithful, plunge forward in our efforts and trust God. God is faithful to His people.

  4. Frank Lowinger Reply

    Where is Governor Hochul or any of our elected leaders when it comes to fighting hate crimes, bullying, threats to life as well as providing safety to our citizenry? Why can’t they denounce these acts of domestic terrorism? Why do they protect and expend millions of tax payer dollars to protect those engaged in the business of exterminating life in the womb?

    This is abhorrent and their silence is deafening. Freedom and liberty is grossly compromised when authorities protect evil doers. Whatever happened to morality and ethics or for that matter our Judeo-Christian roots? Our land was once a kinder, gentler place before the onset of Marxist based ideologies and the radical, violent activism they promote.

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