Pro-life Churches in NY Raise Over Three Quarters of a Million

New York is the abortion capital of the U.S. Yet, over 200 churches across New York raised an astounding three quarters of a million dollars at CompassCare’s annual Walk for Life on April 30th. CompassCare is a non-profit organization, providing ethical medical care and comprehensive community support, helping women considering abortion to have their preborn boys and girls. CompassCare CEO, Jim Harden states, “After serving thousands of women since 1980 it is CompassCare’s experience that not a sane woman alive actually wants to have an abortion. She feels trapped, like she needs to have one.” Harden goes on to say that, “While New York may have the most liberal abortion laws in the world second only to North Korea, the laws do not matter if women are supported in such a way that empowers them to say ‘no’ to abortion.”

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