Pro-life Organizations Not Free to Hire According to Their Convictions

NY Legislature to Investigate Groups Who Disagree with Abortion Policy

In 2019 New York made it illegal to require employees to uphold a Biblical ethic of sexual conduct opposing abortion. Further, any church or pro-life employer had to inform employees of their abortion rights in employee handbooks.

Judge McAvoy of the Northern U.S. District Court upheld the anti-Christian law in CompassCare v Cuomo. Then on March 29 the Judge ruled that New York would not force employers to notify employees of their abortion rights in an employee handbook.

Translation: Today in New York, if pro-life organizations like CompassCare or churches do not comply with the pro-abortion labor law they could face fines, AG prosecution, and private lawsuits by prospective employees not hired because of their pro-abortion beliefs or actions. Shouldn’t Christian organizations be free to hire according to their religious convictions, not the beliefs of the secular state?

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