Medical Ethicist Reveals What the Abortion Empire Is Covering Up (RAN)

Rev. Jim Harden, medical ethicist says, “Ethical medical care requires informed consent about all the risks and side effects for any recommended treatment. The following is a limited list of risks the billion-dollar, tax payer funded abortion empire recklessly withholds from women. Women who abort have a 5X increased risk of suicide. Women who abort suffer from a 44% increased risk of breast cancer and 52% increased risk of future preterm deliveries, the risk increasing with each abortion. With chemical abortion, a woman is 5X more likely to go to the ER with sepsis, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, or hemorrhage. Meanwhile, chemical abortion as well as vacuum aspirated surgical abortion are in direct violation of provision three of the Nuremberg Code.” Harden went on, “Abortion is not medical care. On its best day, abortion is mutilation and malpractice.”

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