Big Abortion Behaving Eerily Similar to Big Tobacco?

A recent headline reads, “Abortion Pill Is Safer than Tylenol.” But U.S. data reveals emergency room visits after chemical abortion were 500% higher than that of surgical abortion. Tylenol? In 1930 Lucky Strikes cigarettes used physicians to endorse their product saying, “Luckies are less irritating.” By the 1950s there was good evidence that smoking is linked to increased risk of lung cancer. What was big tobacco’s response? Fund their own research, clouding the facts, avoiding regulation, at the expense of their customers’ health.

According to a recent Newsweek article, big abortion is using big tobacco’s play book. Dr. Jim Studnicki states in the expose, “Effective [abortion] research…requires both valid data sources and independent financial support. The abortion industry and relevant federal agencies like the CDC and FDA are complicit in assuring that the United States has neither.”

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