What Is the Abortion Empire’s Post-Roe Reality?

The Roe reversal forced a change in the abortion industry overnight, as abortionists canceled thousands of abortion appointments for fear of legal action against them. Over 50% of all abortions are now dangerous, chemical abortions, a rapidly increasing number of which are being sent to women’s homes in the mail. This is done via an emerging, tele-abortion niche-industry.

It has been shown and confirmed by the FDA that chemical abortion is dangerous, up to 400% more dangerous than surgical. Yet the peddlers of these drugs are claiming that it’s “safer than Tylenol.” If medical studies and the FDA disagree, it appears this may be consumer fraud. Will President Biden, Attorney General Merrick, or any state’s Attorneys General ensure that women are protected and informed?

Christian, pro-life, medical pregnancy centers, through telehealth, can give women a second opinion by 1) educating them as to the dangers of chemical abortion, and 2) helping them reverse the effects of the lethal drugs in order to save the baby should she change her mind. CompassCare CEO, Jim Harden says, “With our global partner, Let’s Talk Interactive, we hope to provide 650 pregnancy centers nationwide with the 21st century telehealth tools to protect women from consumer fraud and provide for the unmet heath and resource needs of women abused by the mercenary abortion empire.”

Help CompassCare expand to reach and serve even more women seriously considering abortion in NY and across the United States.

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