U.S. Attorneys General Meet in Closed Session to Discuss Consumer Fraud: FDA says Chemical Abortion is 400% More Dangerous than Surgical, Abortion Industry Markets them as “Safer than Tylenol”

After 124 Congressmen calling on US Attorney General, Merrick Garland to investigate pro-abortion attacks as domestic terror, no state Attorneys General is currently protecting their pro-life citizens from domestic terror threats and attacks. However, while the abortion industry is adjusting to its new hub-and-spoke business model by shifting to chemical abortion instead of surgical, the National Association of Attorneys General is meeting on June 22 and 23 to discuss consumer fraud.

Private, cash intensive telehealth abortion businesses are rapidly expanding to compensate for the loss of surgical abortions that a Roe-reversal would cause. Chemical abortion businesses claim that “The Abortion Pill is Safer Tylenol.” A study of women in Finland, on the other hand, reports it is 400% more dangerous than surgical abortion for women. And the abortion industry’s research company claims 1 in 20 babies survive chemical abortion.

While certain states, like NY, may maintain a woman’s right to abortion, that does not absolve abortionists or states from protecting a woman’s right to informed consent. CompassCare CEO, Jim Harden states, “If the States Attorneys General are unwilling to investigate domestic terror against their own pro-life citizens, perhaps they will be discussing the blatant consumer fraud perpetrated against women by the chemical abortion industry in their upcoming meeting this week.”

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